Frequently Asked Questions


I have developed this technique over the years for the enjoyment of it and to avoid my work looking like thousands of other artists. I paint flat on a canvas in watercolour then seal what I have done thus far. If I need light colour anywhere, I use acrylics and seal this layer as well. finally, I use thin oil colour as a top layer to bring different colours together which gives a rich glow to the finished artwork. The canvas is then given a top coat of a non yellowing varnish to protect and make the painting waterproof. The painting can be cleaned if necessary with a damp cloth.


I mainly work on commissions. When size and price is agreed upon, I complete the work and send a large file size to the client for approval / alteration. When the client is completely happy, we have a deal. Not before. No client is ever under obligation to purchase a painting if unhappy with the result. Once payment has been received, the painting is packaged and sent by courier.


I use only the finest artists quality paints and materials. South African sunlight has a very high UV factor and art work needs to be protected as far as possible. I recommend that any artwork from any source, should not be hung in direct sunlight.


Depending on the size and clients wishes, there are several options. for overseas deliveries, I recommend removing the canvas and sending in a tough tube. This is very successful and has never failed worldwide. In South Africa, I usually package carefully and send on the stretcher. I use the company GLOBEFLIGHT which handles all my work and have never had a return or complaint.


I do very limited prints. If asked, a single print it can be arranged. Size and price on request. My printer uses the highest quality paper or canvas, and the colour is guaranteed for 75 years. The process is quite quick and the print/s can be sent in tubes within a week.